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Let the wild rumpus start!


As an aspiring children’s book author (Prickle, the Kind-Hearted Cactus series), I’m devoted to great children’s books and certain authors in particular: Dr. Seuss, H. A. Rey, and of course Maurice Sendak. Here is a delightful interview with Sendak in Slice magazine, conducted shortly before he died on May 8, 2012 (four days before my 50th birthday), and published in November. Read it and learn who really inspired the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are!

Click here to see the Wall Street Journal’s tribute to Maurice Sendak on YouTube.

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News from the blogging trail

DSC00372My favorite exercise isn’t jogging—it’s blogging. As a writer and editor, I tend to have several projects open on my desk at once, and I get intensely involved in each of them—until it’s time for a breather. I almost always need to set my work aside for a day or so and come back into it with fresh eyes before I will declare a project done.

For me, blogging is fun. It’s my snack between meals.

Recently I posted a comment to a blog called, and the publisher asked me to be a guest blogger once a month. So in my spare time, I am writing short personal essays on aging. Read my column here, and please share your comments.

Are you a blogger who helps writers to improve their craft? Please send us your blog URL and we’ll consider listing it in the Resources section of this website!

Three cheers for a client’s first novel, released today!


When you read Therese Pautz’s debut novel, Rain and Revelation, you’ll understand why we’re bursting with pride at having worked with this author. It’s a complex tale of shocking discoveries of the most life-altering sort—a host of family secrets that change everything when brought into the light of day.

Here’s the cover blurb:

On the rugged, rain and windswept coast of Ireland, twenty-year old Eliza Conroy’s predictable life is shattered when she returns home to find her mother bathing in her own blood. Eliza sets out to understand the events leading up to that fateful day and discovers that she has been deceived her entire life by those she loves and trusts the most. What she uncovers threatens to destroy her family and tight knit community and Eliza is forced to choose between the cost of speaking the truth and remaining silent.

Ms. Pautz already is working on her second novel. Join her fan club now by ordering your copy of Rain and Revelation today!

We’ve created a blog for Besitos! is a wholesaler of Mexican handcrafted jewelry, handbags, clothing and gifts sold at boutiques and large retailers in the U.S. When founder Jennifer Nargesian wanted to show photos of her wares to potential customers, she hired a website designer—but his approach was complicated, time-consuming and frustrating.

My advice to Jennifer: Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a website, why not post photos in a blog for free and send the link to buyers? She agreed, and within four hours, we completed the theme selection, site formatting, and the “About” page, and uploaded an entire gallery of photos with captions. Plus we named a collection of jewelry—Roadworthy Designs, because they’re made from recycled rubber tires—and gave creative names to each separate item as well.

Here’s the Roadworthy collection: Traffic-stopping Roadworthy Designs from Did I mention all of this was done in four hours?

Free writing help is here!

Welcome to Anne’s Answers, a FREE service to help you on the spot whenever you have a question about English grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure—anything that’s holding you up. Click the link to read more.

New project hot off the press!

Our latest project

Editing is fun for me, and it’s joy-to-the-max when I’m picking through the work of established authors and newfound talent. The first print anthology of Sol: English Writing in Mexico, a literary magazine, was just such a project.

Featuring the work of 56 well-known and emerging writers from around the world (including yours truly!), Sol English Writing in Mexico: A Literary Magazine (Volume 1) is now available from (paperback, 294 pages, $16).

The anthology contains prize-winning poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction focused on, but not limited to, English writing in Mexico. Authors include Tony Cohan, Christopher Cook, Molly Fisk, James Cervantes, John Yohe, Judyth Hill and many more outstanding writers.

All profits from sales of this book go to scholarships for at-risk Mexican children through the San Miguel de Allende chapter of International PEN in collaboration with the literary magazine “Sol: English Writing in Mexico.”

Congratulations—you’ve found your editor!

Writing a book? Want to make it great? We can help with affordable rates for professional editorial services, from analyzing your book’s readiness for publication, to boosting the power of your message, to eliminating typos, and even writing reviews that you can post online or print on the cover of your book.

Editing isn’t for everyone…it’s only for authors who want their book to sell and make an impact!

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