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Query Letters

We’ve all experienced writer’s block while working on a novel or a memoir, but when it comes to writing a query letter, the “analysis paralysis” can be even worse. Here are some resources and examples to inspire you. Coffee helps, too.

How to Write the Perfect Query Letter — Mary Kole for Writer’s Digest (

Successful Queries: a compendium of more than 60 examples of successful query letters and comments from literary agents — Writer’s Digest (

How To Write A Darn Good Query Letter — NY Book Editors (

Agent Query Letters That Actually Worked for Nonfiction — Jason Boog for Adweek (

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters — Jacqueline K. Ogburn for The Purple Crayon (

If you’re looking for a literary agent to handle pitching your book to publishers, you still have to write a query letter to get the agency interested. Here’s a good resource for that task:

How To Write A Query Letter (to a literary agent) — Writer’s Relief (

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