San Miguel Editorial Services

Writing and editing for impact and sales.

Services & Pricing

Whatever you need written, edited, reviewed, or prepared for publication, we can do it! Pricing is consistent with market rates as researched and published by the Editorial Freelance Association.


Original content, content involving interviews or other research, and co-writing (ghostwriting) — $50 USD per hour*


Content editing (structural elements, stylistic consistency, vocabulary)

Line editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, usage)**

Content analysis (readiness for publication)***

Book reviews — $150 USD per 10,000 words
(fee is NOT prorated, portions less than 10,000 words count as 10,000; fee does not include review placement)


Book coaching for writers with a book in progress, or with a concept in development — $50 USD per hour*


Marketing plan development, social media marketing on client’s behalf, blog setup and coaching, media relations (must begin prior to publication) — $100 USD per hour*

Tour scheduling for published authors, $50 USD per hour, plus 10% of speaker fee or $50 per scheduled event/venue, whichever is greater (rescheduling at no charge if canceled by the venue; no refunds for events canceled or rescheduled by the author)

* Discount available for payment in advance based on signed contract.
** Minimum $300 USD per project.
*** Minimum $250 USD per project.

For reference…our rates are not the lowest in the market, but they’re far from the highest. Here are market rates as researched by the Editorial Freelancers Association, updated in April 2020 using 2019 data: