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Free Help!

Welcome to Anne’s Answers, a FREE service to help you on the spot whenever you have a question about English grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure—anything that’s holding you up. Just email me at and unless I’m asleep, I’ll answer right away. No charge!

I’m offering Anne’s Answers because it’s something I do every day anyway. Friends and colleagues email or call me with questions about word choice, plurals, subject-verb agreement, or where to put the apostrophe.

What do I have that other writers don’t?

  • 25 years of experience in the art and business of writing for publication;
  • an ear for the rhythm that separates good writing from a ho-hum script;
  • a library filled with reference books on writing, including some big, heavy, expensive books you’d never buy unless you were an editor yourself;
  • a compulsion to work late into the night, when you are most likely to be panicking over a term paper, a client project, or the homework you forgot for tomorrow’s writing workshop; and
  • a desire to help you look your best and sound your best—in writing!

Got a question? Get Anne’s Answers right now!

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