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Three cheers for a client’s first novel, released today!


When you read Therese Pautz’s debut novel, Rain and Revelation, you’ll understand why we’re bursting with pride at having worked with this author. It’s a complex tale of shocking discoveries of the most life-altering sort—a host of family secrets that change everything when brought into the light of day.

Here’s the cover blurb:

On the rugged, rain and windswept coast of Ireland, twenty-year old Eliza Conroy’s predictable life is shattered when she returns home to find her mother bathing in her own blood. Eliza sets out to understand the events leading up to that fateful day and discovers that she has been deceived her entire life by those she loves and trusts the most. What she uncovers threatens to destroy her family and tight knit community and Eliza is forced to choose between the cost of speaking the truth and remaining silent.

Ms. Pautz already is working on her second novel. Join her fan club now by ordering your copy of Rain and Revelation today!

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One thought on “Three cheers for a client’s first novel, released today!

  1. From Therese Pautz, author of Rain and Revelation:

    With gratitude, I’m offering a free ebook download of Rain and Revelation (December 28-January 1, 2014) to celebrate its one year publication anniversary. What a great year! Rain and Revelation was named a Finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, over 25,000 people have downloaded/purchased the book, nearly 100 reviews have been posted and I’ve been fortunate to talk to many book clubs and business groups. Thanks to all and Happy New Year! Therese

    Congratulations to another successful published author and client of San Miguel Editorial Services!


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