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One thing that bothers me about social media is that whether we’re bloggers or information seekers, we’re expected to post the same information across multiple platforms—or to follow everyone everywhere—from websites to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn to Facebook to Google+ to Tumblr and the list goes on.

My rule is, I’ll follow you on the medium most comfortable and convenient for me. Usually that’s Facebook or email since I’m on both of those channels all the time. If you’re only on Twitter, I may check in once in a while or set up an email alert for your posts, but I won’t be there 24/7 and that means I’m going to miss most of what you want me to know.

I understand there are programs that “push” posts from one social media platform to all the others (HootSuite does that, I think), but my brain is too full of other stuff to delve into that. So I post different content on different sites, when and where the wind (or the desire to procrastinate) takes me.

These days you can find my posts about writing, editing, and public relations on Facebook (my writer page, not my personal page), Twitter (follow @Esscritora), and LinkedIn, as well as on this site. You won’t find duplicate content, at least not very often, but you’ll be able to stay in touch on whatever platform you like best. Facebook gets updated most often, so that’s what I recommend if you’re a writer looking to commune with your tribe.

If you want to know about moving to and living in Mexico, that’s at my MOVE TO MEXICO! blog, and you’ll find more photos and commentary about life in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, on Pinterest.

And if you’re into karaoke, especially if you plan to visit San Miguel de Allende, check out my San Miguel Karaoke blog. In fact, if you’re a music lover, check out the website I made for Latin jazz ensemble Jazzoneando.

I also show up once in a while on YouTubeInstagram, Storia and Muckrack. Maybe other places, too. My head is spinning now. So is yours, probably. Hope to see you somewhere … sometime … soon!


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